Workout Hacks

Workout Hacks!

Workout hacks are essentially tricks that you can use to obtain better results from your workout. With minimal effort, these can become good habits that you can take to the gym with you and obtain better results! The following ‘hacks’ are ones that we take advantage of with all our workouts and strongly suggest you do the same. This won’t make your workout ‘easier’, it will simply make it more productive for you.

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Workout Hack #1:

Keeping Track of your workouts: Probably the most effective hack out there is to keep a record of all your workouts. Record every exercise or WOD (workout of the day) you perform, including the weight you used and the number of sets and repetitions you did. Nothing is worse than going into a gym and thinking that the last time you did this WOD, you did 5 x 5 squats using 200lb, when actually you used 210lb the previous time. This is a waste of your time, and while you may think you remember all your workouts, you would be amazed at how quickly you forget what you’ve just done. Keeping track of the WODs is also important as these are perfect benchmarks to track your progress. I have recorded every single workout I have done since 2000 in a pile of workout journals, and I reference them pretty much every time I hit the gym. For your convenience, we’ve included a journal at the end of our eBook for you to use.

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