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Which is the Best Protein?

Our protein calculator has proved to be quite a popular posting, so we’ve decided to follow it up with an amazingly well-documented article regarding the main types of protein and how they are processed by the body in regards to athletic requirements. The article also touches on how much protein strength-training athletes should consume. It makes for a very interesting read and anyone thinking about doing our workout or supplementing their protein intake should give it a shot!

This article comes from one of our favourite sources of information – the well respected and peer-reviewed Journal of Sports Science and Medicine.  The article, entitled Protein – Which is Best?, is written by Dr. Jay Hoffman, PhD.

One of the highlights of this great article is the following line: As a result, recommendations for strength/power athletes’ protein intake are generally suggested to be between 1.4 – 1.8 g⋅kg-1⋅day-1.

If you are doing the Firefighter-Hybrid Workout, you are a strength/power athlete – period!

Thankfully we were able to find the PDF of his Review Article (A Review Article is a piece of research whereby a researcher analyses all the current literature and summarizes it);

We at Never Do Nothing consume supplemental protein in the mornings on days we train as well as right after our workouts. Our protein of choice is Iso-Sensation 93 - a high-quality Whey Protein. We get the natural, unflavored one so that it contains ZERO additives, sugars, etc. It has no real taste so you can drink it straight without any ‘problems’!

While we obviously know that our readers are rational individuals capable of thinking for themselves, please let us remind you – and this goes without saying –  as with anything else you read on the internet, do your own research before embarking on any workout and diet modifications.

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