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Urban Firefighters Out of Their Natural Element

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Urban Firefighters Out of Their Natural Element

This is a picture from yesterday’s fire attack on a massive brush fire in the urban area of our City. The dry, hot weather of the past few weeks have done nothing to help the situation. Unfortunately more and more brush/forest fires occur today than ever before – climate change is here to stay, and the climate change in relation to fires is that the optimal conditions required for brush/forest fires are more prevalent than ever before, as well as the ‘windows of opportunity’ for fires to occur are longer and more frequent.

That was the ‘short-version’ – for anyone interested in the actual science behind it, have a look at the following research article:

“Pathways for climate change effects on fire: Models, data, and uncertainties” – found in the June 2011 edition of the Progress in Physical Geography Journal

Perhaps our department will have to start certifying us in brush-fire tactics in the near future…

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