Sweet! We’re getting some positive feedback from people who have decided that they too are Never Doing Nothing!




“I Hate You! You’ve made me realize I’ve been wasting the last 5 years at the gym. Thanks for nothing. PS, Thank you.”  – B. Aderhold


“Your eBook seems authentic, like you’re not just trying to sell us something. You seem to care about our results as well.” – T. MacDonald


 “I made the mistake of thinking it would be too easy and increased the reps before even trying my first work out….which nearly resulted in an emergency run to the gym bathroom to yak!” – Dustin


“I was training since January with some brothers doing fire specific functional crossfit-like training but we didn’t see the same progress in the first few months with that as we have in the last few weeks doing Never Do Nothing, probably because our training was not structured towards improvement.  I am learning a lot right now about what fitness really is.” - Jean-François


“You’ve got a great site that is interesting, informative and the workouts SUCK…but that’s good cause I look forward to working my way through them! Regarding the eBook, you have lots of info there! Great thing about it is, it’s written in plain people speak. I don’t have a PHD in sports kinetics, or medicine but I understood everything.  “ – Pat V.


“Solid read, your tone and structure come across in a very frank and unassuming manner. Your science is sound.” – Ryan


“Just started this work out and I love it. Exactly what I am looking for. I had been doing a weight lift program but it sucked. Dumped my trainer and following this regime now. So not only getting in shape but saving money.” – Steve


To find out more about our eBook and the Firefighter Hybird WorkoutClick Here!


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