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Sweet-Potato and Lentil Shepards Pie

Sweet-Potato and Lentil Shepards Pie


Sweet-Potato and Lentil Shepards Pie is an amazing tasting, healthy, and nutritious recipe you can easily make in less than 30 minutes at your home. I’m able to get 8 hearty portions out of the following recipe. There is nothing better either an hour prior to working out or right when you get home from a challenging workout than a bowl of Sweet-Potato and Lentil Shepards Pie!

Full of nutrients, protein, carbs, and electrolytes ready to either power you up for a workout or replenish what you just used up!

While there are numerous sweet-potato and lentil shepards pie recipes on the internet, the following is all mine!!


Start with the following ingredients;

3 Large Sweet Potatoes

1 Can of Corn (corn only, no added salt / sugar)

1 Onion

2lb of Extra-Lean Beef

2 Cups of Lentils (dry, not in a can)

1tbs of Butter

1/2 Cup of Milk

1tbs of Olive Oil

Montreal Steak Spice

Worcestershire Sauce

Maple Syrup

Franks Red-Hot Sauce



Peel the potatoes – cube them and put them in boiling water

Add Water to the lentils and boil them (follow instructions on the bag – this can vary) – keep on eye on them and stir often

Chop up the onion – Fry them on a skillet with the olive oil and beef

Add some Montreal Steak Spice and Worcester Sauce to the beef as it’s frying on low


Once Potatoes are cooked, drain them and put them back in the pot – add the butter, milk, and a spoonful of maple-syrup and mash it up

Once the lentils are cooked, remove additional water if necessary, add some franks red-hot sauce. Not too much!


Put the cooked beef on the bottom of a large casserole dish (or use two medium dishes – you can freeze the second one for future eating!), followed by a layer of corn, a layer of lentils, and the sweet-potatoes on top! Place in the over at 300 F for about 10-15 minutes just to warm everything up.



The ingredients I use are all organic and grass-fed beef. Even the butter is organic and comes from a grass-fed cow. The importance of this, especially in regards to the beef, butter, and milk is that the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 is closer to the 1:1 ratio that nature intended, and not the 1:20 ratio that currently exists in standard grain-fed industrial-farm-lot beef.

The nutrition information for this is approximately the following (Total and Portion-Size of 1/8th the total) – all nutrition information was derived from on-line sources;

Calories: 3274 — 410

Fat: 78g — 9.75g

Carbs: 315.5g — 40g

Fibre: 70g — 8.75g

Protein: 228g — 28.5g


The sodium content will be entirely based on how much spice and sauce you add to it. I put enough for a nice little taste but nothing crazy. Your body needs the salt anyway for working out (the potassium in the potatoes is a lot as well – providing for an excellent balance of electrolytes).


I know I should have taken a picture of this when it was still nice and warm and straight out of the oven instead of waiting for the last portion straight out of the fridge – but oh well, I wanted to eat it!!!





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