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Red Wine and Resveratrol

‘Consuming wine in moderation daily will help people to die young as late as possible.’ Dr Philip Norrie


Anyone out there drink any red-wine? If so, you might be interested in a research article that was published last year regarding a compound in red wine known as resveratrol. Resveratol has been referred to as an ‘exercise’ compound as it appears to significantly slow deterioration in muscle tissue. This has led to red wine being called ‘Exercise in a bottle’ – of course it’s not a direct replacement for exercise… unfortunately… but for people who work out hard and Never Do Nothing, it appears to be beneficial in many unique ways as well. Other studies have indicated that resveratol appears to have the following properties: cancer preventative, antidiabetic, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, and might even increase testosterone levels. Skeptics however think you need a sh*t-load of it to really notice the benefits.

Either way, red wine has been linked to good health for a long time – the key is moderation and not drinking-and-driving, which is harmful to everyone! So drink up – a glass of red wine with your supper, in our humble opinions, is a good thing! Whether or not you decide to drink red wine is entirely your choice.

The research article referenced above:

I. Momken, L. Stevens, A. Bergouignan, D. Desplanches, F. Rudwill, I. Chery, A. Zahariev, S. Zahn, T. P. Stein, J. L. Sebedio, E. Pujos-Guillot, M. Falempin, C. Simon, V. Coxam, T. Andrianjafiniony, G. Gauquelin-Koch, F. Picquet, S. Blanc. Resveratrol prevents the wasting disorders of mechanical unloading by acting as a physical exercise mimetic in the rat. The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal, 2011; DOI: 10.1096/fj.10-177295

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