firefighter fitness training

Protein Calculator

Protein is extremely important for muscle repair and for anyone doing physcial activity of any kind. People are often amazed at how much protein they should actually consume – have a look at the following calculator for an idea of what you require. There is nothing wrong with supplementing your diet with a high-quality protein. We take some every morning and especially right after working out to ensure our body has all the protein it needs to fix itself! The Firefighter-Hybrid Workout would definetely fall under ‘intense’ – but we feel a better representation of the level for protein requirements for our beginner through advanced programs would be to select ‘3-5x per week’ when doing your calculations.

This isn’t an ‘absolute’ you MUST do type of calculator, it’s just a rough idea.

To help you better interpret the results obtained from this calculator – please view our Protein Supplementation article.

As with everything else in life, use common-sense – if you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns – speak to your health-care professional before blindly following any advice you find on the internet!


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