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One-Rep-Max Calculator

Use this Calculator to figure out your one rep max.

This calculator is particularly useful for newbies because going for your one-rep max, especially when you are new to powerlifting, can be daunting. Instead, select a weight that you deem to be pretty heavy, and see how many reps you can do. Hopefully you can’t do more than five. If you do, select a heavier weight and try again. The more reps you do, the less accurately it will be in regards to figuring out your true one-rep-max. Say you do 4 reps at 200lbs – you would enter this into the calculator and it would figure out what your one-rep-max should be (all things being equal).

Knowing your one-rep-max is especially useful when you start doing different varities of powerlifting programming – sometimes, for example, our workouts will consist of doing “75%” of our one rep maxes – now you’ll know the exact weight to use!

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