firefighter fitness training

May 5th, 2012

A beautiful sunny Saturday here in the Capital… and we spent it indoors doing a strength-volume workout!






Today’s workout consisted of the following;


5 Rounds of;

8 x Front Squats (200lb)

16 x Alternating DB Press (45lb)

Rest 2 Min


5 Rounds of;

6 x Incline Chest Press (75lb)

15 x Handsoff Push-Ups

Rest 1.5 Min


5 Rounds of;

7 x Lying Tricep Extension x 105lb

6 x Barbell Curl x 90lb

Rest 1.5 Min


Some people have sent us emails saying the weights are too much. That’s not a problem, just use less weight! Just make sure you use enough that you can perform the amount of repetitions required and are pretty much too tired to do even one more! That’s what makes these workouts as challenging as they are! They not only develop your strength, but your metabolic conditioning and muscle endurance are also being worked on at the same time. We don’t waste time in the gym, it’s all about Never Doing Nothing!

If this simply looks too crazy, not to worry either! We created a 6-month workout program for you with tons of workout and nutrition information (75 pages to be exact) that will bring up to where you need to be fitness-wise! Give it a shot – it’s only 15$ and by the far the best workout program on the market today!!! We’re not MMA superstars or Million-dollar Athletes with their own workout program written by someone else. We’re firefighters who know how important having a high level of fitness is in regards to life and death situations!


On an another note, we saw the WORST personal trainer today at the gym. He clearly couldn’t have cared less that his client was doing moves that were going to hurt him. It was a classic case of not working on technique before starting to use heavier weights… it was awful!!

Below is a GRAPHIC re-enactment of what the client looked like doing a thruster. This isn’t the client’s fault, it’s the sh*tty personal trainer who dropped the ball!! This was supposed to be a barbell thruster – but the bar was dipping about 30 degrees on either side and the trainer was doing nothing to correct it!!!



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