Torture Twists

Torture Twists

These are as bad as they sound… This exercise requires a bench and another object to hold down your legs – either another bench, a bar in a squat rack, or what we use, a 24″ box with a couple of 45lb plates on it. Set up the retaining object about two feet from you and adjust the distance as needed. Sit on the bench at a right-angle, lock your legs into the retaining object, lie down with all your upper body parallel to the floor (extending beyond the bench). This is the starting position. You then rotate as far as you can towards one side and hold that position for the required amount of time (3-4-5 seconds), you then rotate the other way as far as you can and maintain that position for the required amount of time. This is one repetition. You can not break the parallel position once – otherwise this takes away from the exercise.

These exercises usually consist of 4 sets of 4 repetitions with 5 second holds.

WTF? Yeah we get it, that’s why we’ve included pictures.

Starting position


The Twists!

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