Thrusters – Dumbbell

Dumbbell Thrusters – View this on YouTube!

Along with their cousin, the barbell-thruster, dumbbell thrusters are one of the best metabolic and strength-conditioning exercises out there. They are physically challenging, will leave you out of breath, and will make you wish you were in fact, doing nothing. Unfortunately you’re not – so here is how you do them;

Start with the dumbbells resting on the shoulders – palms facing outwards. Keep them there as you go down into a squat position – explode upwards and push the dumbbells as rise. The end position should result in the dumbbells being directly overhead with your arms nearly locked out. This is one repetition. Make sure you keep your back as straight as possible through-out the entire exercise.

Now, ensure you actually explode upwards – if not you will have to push the dumbbells fully with your shoulders and will have wasted the momentum. It’s your choice – you can make it easier on yourself by using physics and doing the exercise correctly. You’ll be able to get away with sloppy form when using 10lb dumbbells, but you’ll pay a heavy price when the weights increase…

Starting Position


Squat Position


Finishing Position (Post-upwards-explosion position)

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