Step-Ups – With Overhead Weight

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Step-Ups – With Overhead Weight

Step-Up With Overhead Weight

A step-up is done by literally stepping-up onto a box of a given height (usually 24″) one leg at a time. Repetitions are split equally between starting the step-up with the right and left leg to evenly distribute the work-load. For example, if the workout calls for 20 Step-Ups with overhead weight, you would do 10 with the right-leg then 10 with the left-leg, or alternate them one at a time, as long as both legs are given an equal chance to be used first for the step-up.

The overhead weight is normally a weight-plate as this allows it to be directly overhead at shoulder-width. The weight is kept above your head for the entire exercise.


Starting Position



Mid Position



Finishing Position


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