Squats – Box

Box Squats

One of several variations of the squats, the box squat is one of the best squats possible. Many powerlifting clubs now do exclusively box-squat training and only the regular squat for competitions. While the regular squat is often considered the king of exercises, and with good reason, the benefits of the box-squat especially if you are just starting out are many. The box squat forces you to go lower, it teaches you to ‘sit’ as your first squat motion improving hip mobility, and it develops your hip and posterior since you perform your squat from a dead-stop.  Holding the weight in place at the bottom when ‘sitting’ gives your core a great workout as well. Our workout consists of doing both the regular and box squat on a regular basis.

Set up a ‘box’ which allows you to sit slightly below parallel. You can stack weights for this if no boxes are available. Starting from a normal squat start position, ‘sit’ down into the squat until you find the box. Stop for a split-second – never releasing the tension of the upper-body, but just ever so slightly release the tension from your legs. This is the ‘dead-stop’ – squat out of the position back up. Try to not allow your knees to go beyond your heels at the bottom of the squat – a 90 degree angle offers you the ability to concentrate  the force required to lift the weight in your upper legs, hips, and posterior.

Important to remember if you suddenly start doing box squats after years of regular squats – you CAN’T do the same weight!! Start with 50% of what you can normally squat and work your way from there!

Starting position – the same as a squat – except there is a box in place!

Bottom of the Squat on the box

Bottom of the squat side view – note the knee not going past the heel, as well as tension in the upper-body not being released

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