Snatches – Kettlebell

Snatches – Kettlebell

Snatches are essentially an exercise involving picking up an object off the floor and pressing it overhead as quickly as possible. This is a very technical exercise but can be done safely by beginners using lower weights. This is an excellent full-body exercise that is great for metabolic and strength conditioning workouts.

The kettlebell snatch requires a bit more technique than with a dumbbell. This is because once you’ve pulled the kettlebell up to chest height, you need to quickly pop your arm / wrist beneath the kettlebell handle to push it above your head.

This exercise starts with you in a ‘clean’ position with the kettlebell directly beneath your legs. You are getting ready to quickly explode upwards – using your hips and legs as the main source of energy and momentum for the movement. Don’t simply bend over and try to quickly lift it – this is a recipe for disaster.

Exploding upwards with your hips and legs and slightly with the arms/upper-back / shoulders, the kettlebell should make it’s way to your upper chest


Once at chest height, you quickly adjust your position, pop yourself beneath it, and press it up and above your head.


Remember that this is an explosive movement – all taking less than 1 second to accomplish. Have a look at the following action shots for a better look!

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