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The Slam-Ball is a weighted ball that you forcefully drive into the ground and it has minimal bounce. Although the slam-ball can be used for a variety of exercises, if we state ‘slam-balls’ as part of a workout, we mean the full body ground-to-overhead movement. This is an excellent full-body movement that is part of metabolic and strength-conditioning workouts.

If you do not have access to a slam-ball, use a medicine ball – but be aware of the ‘bounce’ and don’t cheat by grabbing the ball as it bounces, the repetition must be started off the floor. Barring this, you can use a dumbbell. Using both hands, you would raise the dumbbell overhead, but had full control over it all times. Use a lower weight if using a dumbbell.

As with all movements that start on the ground, the traditional squat stance is employed – feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, back straight, full squat to pick up the slam-ball – no hunching over!

Starting position

Full Overhead Position;

Forcefully throw the ball back into the ground on the way down before squatting back to the starting position to pick it up

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