Pull-Up – Widegrip

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Pull-Up – Widegrip

Pull-Up – Widegrip

Unless otherwise stated or in a metcon, all pull-ups should be performed in a ‘strict’ manner. This means that the pull-up is only complete when you start in a full-hanging position, pull yourself up to the bar (at least to the chin) and return to a full-hanging position. That is one Rep! A lot of people at the gym will go down about 6 inches then pull themselves back up again. This is not a pull-up, it’s a clown move. A pull-up is to be performed, like all other exercises, as as full-range motion.

The widegrip pullup is one of the three main variations of the pull-up.

Hands are placed on the part of  the bar takes a 45 degree bend downwards. If your bar does not have this bend, place your hands as far apart as possible. The wide-grip pull up is the hardest to perform and it concentrates on the muscles of the upper-back.

Starting Position;



Finishing Position;


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