Man Maker

Man Maker

The Man Maker is a superb full-body exercise that pretty much utilizes every muscle there is! This is a perfect metabolic and strength-conditioning exercise that will start to wear you down quickly. This exercise is performed with a set of dumbbells. As your conditioning increases, increase the weight of the dumbbells. Please have a look at our video for more information – YouTube!

Essentially the Man Maker consists of the following movements in this order from a standing position:

Squat down into a push-up

Complete a Push-up

Perform a row with your left arm

Complete a Push-up

Perform a row with your right arm

Jump your legs into a tucked position with the dumbbells still on the floor

Perform a deadlift – keep your back straight

Complete a hanging clean (using your hips, you perform a quick thrust – similar to a jump but without leaving the ground – at the same time using the momentum from your hip thrust, you ‘catch’ the dumbbells up to your shoulder level – your arms only assist slightly and guide the dumbbells, your hips should give you a nice upward motion)

The dumbbells should now be at your shoulders

Push-Press the dumbbells upwards – A push-press is where you bend down slightly then power yourself back up at the same time pushing the dumbbells


And that completes one repetition of the Man Maker!

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