Lying Tricep Extension – Powerlift version

Lying Tricep Extension – Powerlift version

Traditionally, the lying tricep extension has always been done as a skull-crusher. The problem with this is that it doesn’t offer the tricep full extension. The triceps cross both the shoulder and elbow joints, and the only way to completely offer it full movement and extension is by moving both of these joints rather than isolating the movement to the elbow joint. This can be accomplished by performing the tricep extension using the powerlifting variation. We came across this exercise thanks to Mark Rippetoe – A strength genius! Please have a look at our YouTube video regarding this great exercise; YouTube!

Tricep extensions are done with curl bars. This allows you to have a more natural grasp. The lying tricep extension exercise starts with you lying on a bench with the curl bar held directly above you at full extension.


You lower the weight in a controlled manner all the way to behind and beneath your head / bench level


The next step is to power it back to it’s starting position – you do this by ‘throwing’ the bar towards the ceiling. When you concentrate on trying to throw it, you’ll be able to power it through and all the way back to the starting position. If you do regular tricep extensions and switch to this variation, you’ll be amazed at how much this actually works the triceps!


And it’s back up!

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