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Kettlebell Swings – Have a look at our video for more information – YouTube!

Starting Position;

Grab the kettlebell by it’s handle.palms facing you with your hands side by side.

Get into a squat position. Let the kettlebell simply hang between your legs with your arms fully extended. Make sure your back is straight – similar to how you do a squat.

Start with an appropriate weight based on your skill level. Increase the weights as it becomes easier to do.


Going up! Using your hips – “pop” the kettlebell forwards. This gets easier by the second swing as you get to use momentum. You should practice this “popping” maneuver with no KB at all to start with – essentially you get into the starting postion and thrust your hip forward. With time you will develop an explosive moment.This is not an arms or upper back exercise, your hips should explode with enough force to swing the kettlebell.
Final position;

With the momentum of a powerful hip thrust, the kettlebell will make its way to it’s final position before falling back down. This should be in-line with the front of your forehead. No need to go further back – in fact the chance of a serious injury (dropping on head) only increase if you do so!

Let the kettlebell fall by it’s own weight. Maintain straight arms and a controlled grasp of the kettlebell as it falls. The weight should take the kettlebell back between your legs and behind you slightly.

As it loses momentum, you then pop your hips again and send it back to the top! That is a complete kettlebell swing!

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