Inverted Rows

Inverted Rows

On their own, inverted rows are an excellent strength building exercise for the upper-back, but put into a metabolic or strenght-conditioning workout, it’s a killer! It’s also been noted that this exercise can help with poor posture due to shoulder slouching – this can help to realign the shoulder blades! Like all exercises, however, proper form is exceptionally important.

This exercise must be done with a straight back, and by having your elbows flared out at 45 degrees from your body. If they are too challenging at first, you can lower the height of the bar or rings that you are using, as well as using a bench to rest your feet on. A great way for beginners to build the required strength and endurance to undertake this exercise is by getting yourself into the full ‘top’ position and attempting to hold on as long as you possibly can!

As part of our Never Do Nothing workout, we’re more apt to use rings for this as they provide the added challenge of being harder to stablize – increasing the use of stabilzer muscles.

Start this exericse by lying flat on the ground, with your arms straight and the bar pretty much at the maximum distance of your reach. You can hang rings for this from anywhere safe to do so, or use a barbell placed on a squat rack. Raise yourself up to the bar or rings so that your chest touches the bar (or at ring level) – your body must remain as tight as possible, do not sag your butt or bend in the middle. Don’t forget to have your elbows flare out at 45 degrees. Lower yourself back down in a controlled manner – tight body – until your back returns to the starting position. This counts as one repetition. The higher the bars or rings – the more challenging this becomes.

Starting Position (Rings)

Top Position (Rings)

Starting Postition (Barbell)



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