Half Get-Ups

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Half Get-Ups

Half Get-Ups

This is an excellent core work-out that is similar to the Turkish Get-Up but without requiring the amount of technique that it demands as you on only do ‘half’ of the Turkish Get-Up. This exercise is used as part of metabolic conditioning workouts when we speed through exercises trying to get the heart-pumping. It’s also used on it’s own as it’s a great ab and shoulder workout!

The starting position for this exercise is exactly like a Turkish Get-Up – Dumbbell (or kettlebell) directly above you – knee bent on leg of same side – opposite arm out at 45 degrees for stability

Perform the ‘half’ get-up – legs remain in place, use your core to pull-yourself up and your arms and back to stabilize the weight above your head

Return to starting position doing the opposite sequence. Weight remains above you for the entire exercise – coming down only to switch arms or because you’ve completed the entire set!

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