Deadlift – Dumbbells

Dumbbell Deadlifts

Dumbbell deadliest are an excellent alternative to the traditional barbell deadlifts. The starting position is similar to a with a barbell, except that the height of the dumbbells result in you starting at a slightly lower position which further engages your legs. You can start these with either having the dumbbells being held with your hands at your side, or in front of you. As you get better at these, it’s recommended to have your hands in front of you (palms facing you) as this replicates the positioning for the barbell deadlift.

Start with the dumbbell on the floor and with a straight back – as opposed to arched, not straight-up per se, engage your legs and butt and carry the weights and your body into a standing position. Reverse this go down, always having a straight back – NEVER arch your back. If you can’t complete the set without arching, than you are using too much weight. Once the weight touches the floor, this counts as a repetition.

This exercise can also be done with just one dumbbell – as a one-legged dumbbell deadlift. You would hold the dumbbell on the same side as the one leg that is being worked on.

Starting Position

Finishing Position

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