Everyone has a love-hate relationship with the Burpee. We love them because they are an amazing full-body exercise, but we hate them because they suck and beat you down quickly. The Burpee should be a staple of any fitness program worth their weight! Check out the video for an additional view: YouTube!

The Burpee is essentially a push-up that turns into a jumping jack. Like all simple-sounding exercises, those usually end up being the hard ones…

Step 1 – Starting Position

Step 2 – Down into the starting push-up position

Step 3 – Bottom of push-up position

Step 4 – Back into the top position of a push-up

Step 5 – Tuck your legs in (in one movement) – this is a time-saver, when doing burpees for time, this is essential!

Step 6 – Immediately use the momentum from getting up to jump

Step 7 – Jump into a jumping jack

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