Assisted Push-Ups

Assisted Push-Ups

If you have never done a regular push-up before, assisted push-ups will be perfect for you! No exercise should go undone in our workout, and just because you can’t fully do them is no excuse!

An assisted push-up can be done by using your knees for assistance to take off some of the weight that your chest and arms need to push up!

The idea is to give yourself as little assistance as possible. Try doing as many regular push-ups as you can until you simply can’t any more. If this means you can only do 3 regular push-ups and need to perform the next 27 assisted, that’s fine! Next time, aim for 4 regular push-ups, then 5 regular push-ups, etc. You are much better off struggling like crazy through what you can perform than breezing through all of them! The only person you are cheating is yourself! That’s against the Never Do Nothing Code of Conduct!!

If you are unable to perform a full push-ups for the entire series, don’t forget to end your assisted push-up session with an attempt to lower yourself as slowly as possible. This is going to be hard, but work through it. Hang on as long as possible. Don’t forget that this will pay off in the long run and before you know it, your grit and determination will pay off by being able to do all your push-ups in ‘regular’ style!

Assisted Push-Up Starting Position

Assisted Push-Up Bottom Position


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