Assisted HandStands

Assisted Hand-Stands

The Hand-Stand can be a difficult movement to simply jump into without some basic training. While the full hand-stand requires shoulder strength, one of the biggest issues facing beginners of the movement is feeling comfortable with being upside down! Assisted Hand-Stands will help build shoulder strength, but also get you used to having your head lower than your feet!

Using anything that you can put you feet up, chair/bench/box, lower yourself off of the object so that your upper-body is as vertical as possible. This will emphasis your shoulders more. Keep you head as in-line as possible with your spine. Lower yourself in a controlled manner until your head touches the ground. Then return to the starting position – with straight arms. This counts as one repetition. You can also use a small mat to lower your head on to. Either way, control the movement! You do not want your head hitting the ground hard!

Starting Position

Bottom Position

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