The #1 fitness program devoted to getting you Firefighter Fit is finally here!


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 Second Edition is currently out! Tons of more science and research – presented in a way that’s fun to read and easy to understand. For the science folks out there, it’ll make sense to you either way!! 

This 94 page eBook contains everything you need to know to be as fit as firefighters!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked out before or have been working out for 10 years – this has all the information and programming you need to ramp yourself up!


Includes an incredible 6 complete months worth of programming! This amount is unseen and unheard of!!


Home gym or regular gym – doesn’t matter as minimal equipment is required!


While ‘Never Do Nothing’ can best be described as the motto and concept by which we live by, our workout itself is what we call the ‘Firefighter-Hybrid workout’. Essentially our goal is to be as fit as a firefighter – especially since we are firefighters!

To this end, we’ve established a workout that is challenging, results-orientated, and based on what we know works best.

It’s a hybrid workout because it combines the best of all current workout programs and techniques. Programs such as, for example, cross-training, powerlifting ladders, 5×5 strength-volume lifts, and techniques like dynamic effort, interval training, super-setting, and plain old mixing things up!


Our workout works because the backbone of Never Doing Nothing primarily consists of multijoint and multilmuscle movements as well as assistance exercises consisting of targeted movements. Life, sports, and fire-fighting for that matter are all multiple joint movements by nature. You work out your body as it was meant to be worked out – not constricted by some expensive machine or other isolated movements.


Dumbbells, bodyweight, or barbells – your choice!


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We know you will see the same results we did on this workout – you’ll be stronger, faster, more powerful, lean, toned, and have a more amazing cardio than you’ve ever had before! Today we look and feel like firefighters who are capable of doing their jobs and are in amazing shape.


Regardless if you’re currently a firefighter, training to become a firefighter, or just wanting to finally do a workout that works – doing nothing is too easy, that’s why you should Never Do Nothing. Assuming you stick with this, you will achieve your personal fitness goals and we’ll be right there with you cheering you on with this eBook and through our website, NeverDoNothing.ca.



Sorry – We’re sold out!!!


Come back later to see our next edition!!!!


This eBook contains the following to get you going!

  • Description of the workout
  • Why it works as well as it does!
  • 6 Months of Programming
  • Beginner Workout Routine
  • Intermediate Workout Routine
  • Challenging Workouts
  • In depth presentation of workout techniques
  • Nutrition information
  • Workout Hacks
  • Workout Journal to keep track of your progress


Still Not Sure?


Get a free copy of our Workout Hackschapter and see what you think!

Better yet – have a look at our named workouts and give them a shot – if they are too hard – no worries, we’ve been working at it for a few years. This is why the eBook is so valuable, it has 6 months worth of programming to get you going!





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