firefighter fitness training


One of the most challenging and lengthy WODs that we’ve created. We created as a ‘joke’ originally and weren’t able to get past the 8th round. One of the few times in recent years that we haven’t completed a WOD. We tried it a month later and got 28 minutes…

10 Rounds of the following

5 x 225lb Deadlifts

10 Strict Chin-Ups (no kipping)

5 Handstand Push-Ups



We last did this in October of 2011 and got the time of a little over 28 minutes

We most recently did this in May 2012 and completed it nearly 12 minutes fast, with a time of 16:11 – Our workout works!!


Proof that we hauled ass doing this can be found on the following post; What’s It Like to Workout II

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