Gluten-Dairy Freedom

This is a profile I should have done a long time ago! A friend of mine changed her life via her nutrition. She started a blog which posts healthy recipes – the catch being they have to taste amazing in order to be posted!

Victoria Murdoch started taking her nutrition seriously many full-moons ago and has reaped the benefits ever since. She went ‘Gluten-free’ before it was fully realized and generally accepted that gluten is useless and potentially harmful for you. For that, she gets serious street credibility!!

I occasionally drop in on her blog to steal some yummy recipes! So far so good!!!

For some excellent, and most importantly, healthy and easy recipe ideas, check out her blog:

Gluten-Dairy Freedom Recipes! 

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Best Functional Training Gear Supplier in Canada! has some of the best quality gear around at the best possible price! The owner Joe provided the most amazing customer-service we have ever come across. Knowing that we were simply passing through Toronto but that we had to have his Slam-Balls and Heavy Rope – he went out of his way on a sunny Sunday afternoon to meet us near the 401. Not only that, our products have a quality no-BS guarantee. We had been looking around for a long time for quality slam-balls at a reasonable price and were fortunate enough to come across his website. He’s now our go-to guy – end of story. Those commercial supply chains that provide crap gear at inflated prices are a thing of the past.


Contact Joe at for all your Firefighter-Hybrid Workout fitness gear requirements! There is no way you won’t be fully satisifed! 


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Alchemy Crossfit

This is where it all started… with a mean bastard of a coach named Adam and his boot-camp style Crossfit classes

Adam did more for my fitness level than all previous 10 years of ‘working out’ combined…

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70s Big

The guys from 70s big would probably kick our ass if they found out we had a link of them under ‘Friends’… but that’s what makes them so cool!


These badasses are reviving the powerlifting glory days of the bushy 70s – they know what they are talking about and have provided us with tons of useful knowledge regarding how to properly lift!!

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