Medicine-Ball 300

Take your medicine… do 300 of these and don’t call us

3 Rounds of the following for time using a 25lb Medicine Ball;

20 x Wall Ball

20 x V-Situps

20 x Side Jumps (jump side to side at least 24″

20 x Push-ups (push-up off the ball)

20 x Wall Slams (10 each side – stand perpendicular to a wall about 3 feet away, keep your feet straight and use you hips/upper-body to throw the ball into the wall)


Best time was 10:12

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Labadd 50

Named after an evil beer… this WOD will make you feel like you’ve just had a case of them!


Complete the following for time;

50 Bad Bodybuilders (Burpee jumping up to a pull-up bar and doing a knees to elbows)

50 Regular Bodyblasters (do a pushup then roll onto your back until your feet go past your head… then roll back into a push-up)


Our best time for this was 10:41


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