T-Shirts are here!

The T-shirts have arrived – OWN the gym NOW!!!


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What’s It Like to Workout – II

This was the outcome of today’s WOD – The Deathlift !

We beat our way through it and made a 12 minute improvement compared to when we last did it 6.5 months ago.

Our workout works – there is no question about it. The debate is over people!! LOL!!

Compare this to the ‘bodybuilders’ with the soft hands and gel in their hair working out next to us… As I saw once on a tshirt – they workout to look good, we workout to kick their asses.




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April 20th, 2012

At work today – waiting for the big one!

In the mean-time, check out a picture of Zach during his WOD yesterday – it involved numerous squat jumps in an attempt to catch a cat!


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Zach the killer lab

Zach knows what it’s like to Never Do Nothing!

His workouts consist of chasing groundhogs, chewing sticks, wagging his tail, and eating. All for time, of course.


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What’s it like to workout

This is what a workout actually looks like – you sweat. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just obese people who sweat (which is not really true… But that’s besides the point).

People who start sweating quickly and a lot during a workout is a sign of being in really good shape. Your body has adapted to increase workloads by recognizing work is under way and responding by starting the cooling process as quickly as it can. It’s like a cooling system on a high-end sports car – it tends to work better than on a corolla….

If you aren’t sweating at the gym, you aren’t working out. Just ask those guys who workout in street clothes and popped collars…



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