firefighter fitness training


The Blitzfire – All good things must come to an end. After a few days of gluttony, somebody has to pay. This WOD is part of the punishment line of Never Do Nothing Named Workouts intended to keep people on the right track. Speak softly and carry a big stick. The Blitzfire is that stick…

For Maximum Repetitions




3 Rounds of;

1 Minute of: Slam Balls – 25lb (or use a medicine ball if you do not have a slam ball)

1 Minute of: Handstand Push-Ups (or do assisted Handstand Push-Ups)

1 Minute 0f: Inverted Rows with Rings (or use a barbell if you do not have rings)

1 Minute of: Thrusters (Barbell) – (just the bar… that will be plenty)

1 Minute of: Skips with Heavy Rope (or just plain double-unders or regular skipping)

1 Minute rest

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