firefighter fitness training

August 31st, 2012

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August 31st, 2012

Sorry for yesterday – Zach, the official ‘Never Do Nothing’ dog needed emergency surgery as he had to have a toe removed! Family first! We’ll have an update on his condition later today or tomorrow!

While he is recovering, I’ll be leaving for a workout today. This will another ‘testing’ day as we’re putting the final screws into the production of our new workout.

Day B – Light

Squats – Warmup 2×3 Working sets 3×8 @145lb

1.5 Minute Rest between sets

Bench Press – Warmup 2×3 Working sets 3×8 @ 135

1.5 Minute Rest between sets

Deadlifts – Warmup 4×3 Working Set 1×5 @ 225

1.5 Minute Rest

Superset – Barbell Shrugs (5×8 @ 125lb) + Weighted Chin-Ups (5xMax @ 25lb)


Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten out metabolic conditioning days! We’ll have a nice one tomorrow!


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