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Train like a Firefighter – Developed by Firefighters

Doing Nothing is Never an Option

Coach Ty and Coach Jason are professional firefighters with a passion for exercise, nutrition and all the science behind it. As firefighters, we don’t have the luxury of doing nothing when the moment of truth arises. To this end, we train and live by this motto. The last thing we want is to be in a situation where we are not capable of accomplishing our tasks. If we let ourselves become poorly conditioned, at work we could put our lives, our coworkers’ lives, or a member of the publics’ lives in danger. We take our physical conditioning seriously enough that we even created our own workout regiment: the concept behind it – Never Doing Nothing.

We’re not saying we have the only workout in the world that works – we’re simply saying we have an awesome workout that has given us the results we were looking for. This wasn’t developed overnight – we meticoulously did research over the span of 4+ years prior to this workouts inception. We know you will see the same results we did – you’ll be stronger, faster, more powerful, lean, toned, and have more amazing cardio than you’ve ever had before! While we don’t look like we should be anywhere near the Jersey Shore (bloated muscles full of water doing nothing but slowing you down, let alone the greased hair) – we look and feel like firefighters who are capable of doing their jobs and are in amazing shape.

We continue to research the latest exercise and nutritional science as it continues to evolve – and by this we don’t mean we read ‘Muscle-magazines’ to find out what this month’s latest and greatest tricks are. We’re into the actual science – like why certain movements are better than others, why omega 3s are awesome, etc.  Our sources include the following research journals: Strength and Conditioning Journal (now available on our iPads!), the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, The American College of Sport Medicines’ Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Nutrition Today, and the British Medical Journal.

Our workout works because the backbone of Never Doing Nothing primarily consists of multijoint and multilmuscle movements as well as assistance exercises consisting of targeted movements. Life, sports, and fire-fighting are full of all multiple joint movements. This workout incorporates this simple principle: you work out your body as it was meant to be worked out.

A quality workout isn’t a mystery that requires a specialized PhD! It requires attention to detail and the will and desire to improve yourself. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. Anyone and their dog can become a personal trainer – but being able to talk the talk, walk the walk, and having the intellectual curiosity and capacity to research and develop something is why we stand behind our workout. Whatever workout you choose to settle on, just give it your best. Never Do Nothing.

Want to find out more about the Firefighter Hybrid Workout? Click Here

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